Mutual funds

A mutual fund combines money from many people and invests it in stocks, bonds or other securities. Investors may buy shares or portions directly from the fund or through brokers, banks or financial planning or insurance professionals.

With the majority of mutual funds, when you buy shares, you pay the current value of one share in a fund multiplied by the total number of shares you buy, plus any sales charges.

Mutual funds allow you to invest in many different securities at once, often at a lower cost than what you could achieve on your own. By investing in the fund, you own shares of the fund which, in turn, owns shares of individual securities.

Types of mutual funds

The variety of mutual funds has expanded dramatically and there are several different ways to categorize them. Mutual fund categories are broken down by asset class, redemption policy, investment strategy or investment philosophy and diversification.

Other considerations

When considering a mutual fund you should keep in mind that each fund has its own advantages and tradeoffs. Each has its own tax implications. You should also consider your investment goals and how the fund will fit into your overall portfolio.

If you have more questions regarding mutual funds and how a mutual fund might fit into your investment portfolio please contact one of our CFS Financial Advisors at Denali to learn how a mutual fund can fit into your investment strategy.

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